Where is mima® stroller from?

Introducing mima® – the epitome of style, functionality, and craftsmanship in strollers and high chairs. Originating from Spain and making its show-stopping debut at the 2009 Kind & Jugend trade show in Cologne, mima® has been setting new standards.
Designed by the visionary Davy Kho, whose expertise spans design capitals like Milan, San Francisco, Amsterdam, and Paris, mima® stands as the top choice for parents who demand the very best.

Trusted by parents in over 36 countries for well over a decade, mima® is available in the USA.
What sets mima® apart? The iconic stroller design and patented innovation of the signature mima® xari has a compact bassinet seamlessly integrated within the stroller's seat.
The mima® brand includes  mima® xari max,  mima® xari stroller, mima® moon 2G high chair, mima® zigi travel stroller, mima® ovi toddler suitcase, and mima® zoom balance bike.
The cutting-edge design in each mima product line is born from an in-depth understanding of family needs, combining practicality with unmatched aesthetics. For modern, trend-setting parents who crave comfort, longevity, and uncompromising style, mima® is the ultimate luxury in infant products.

Elevate your parenthood journey with mima®.