At mima, we created our high-quality product so that it can grow with both your child and family. Because of this, your mima product is covered for 2 years by a warranty, starting from the day it was purchased.

In order to qualify for the warranty, please complete the "Product Registration" first.


All product warranties shall not be honored if presented to a retailer outside of the country where the product was purchased. For the purpose of clarity, this warranty is not worldwide or universal. All costs to repair a product in these circumstances.

shall be for the cost of the consumer.
For the warranty to be valid you need to:

1. Provide your retailer with the original receipt.

2. Provide your retailer with a description of the defect.


• The warranty only covers the original owner of the product and cannot be transferred to any subsequent owner.

The warranty entitles the owner to have the product repaired but not to an exchange or refund.

• The warranty is not valid in the following circumstances:

  • The product has been modified or repaired by a third party not authorized by mima.

  • Corrosion or rust on the wheels and chassis due to extreme environmental conditions, including high humidity, salt spray, ice or snow or due to insufficient maintenance.

  • The damage was caused by improper usage or maintenance or due to misuse by the user; in particular, failure to comply with these instructions for use as described in this user manual.

  • The damage was caused as the result of an accident or airline/transport damage.

  • Normal wear and tear should be expected when this product is used daily.

  • The fabric may become discoloured or become damaged due to washing or excessive exposure to direct sunlight.

  • The damage is the result of overloading (exceeding the maximum weight allowance for the child and any items being carried) on the stroller.