mima zigi vs Cybex Mios Comparison

mima zigi vs Cybex Mios Comparison

Luxury strollers and prams are very much a question of, “The Mercedes or the Bentley?” Still, there are differentiators that highlight each brand’s best offering. The mima zigi stroller and the Cybex Mios stroller are both prime examples of this. They’re both top-of-the-line items, but we have an opinion about one being a little bit better than the other.

The Cybex Mios

The Mios is largely intuitive to put together, but the hood of the stroller can be problematic. It feels almost as if it will break when you try to press the hood into place. You have to wait for the “click,” but the instructions do not mention this fact.

The hood provides a UPF of 50 or more, which is a great thing to have in sunny, hot climes. The hood is also extendable as your child grows.

The wheels roll freely with none of the “shopping cart jerk” that you might experience with lesser strollers. They also have a bit of shock absorption, so they roll well even when you’re not on pavement. The Mios is generally for city sidewalks, but walks down by the river or through the woods will be just fine as well.

If your little one gets tired along the way, the seat adjusts down to a flat surface that is like a small bed. The folding system is equally good. The Mios tucks neatly into a corner in a restaurant or with lots of room to spare in the trunk of most cars other than subcompacts.

Although the Mios has a breathable mesh fabric construction, which is marvelous for hot days, it lacks insulation for cool or cold days. You can purchase a separate padded lining for such insulation, but we wish that it came standard. The Mios weighs in at about 22 pounds.

The zigi

The zigi comes already assembled and weighs just 18 pounds. The design is whimsical and quirky with see-through wheels and Eastern European styling. You’ll be prepared for summer nights with not only the breathable fabric of the stroller but also with the included mosquito netting. If it rains, then you’ll be ready-to-go with the included rain cover.

The zigi is quite simple when it comes to folding. Much like the Cybex Mios, it can be folded with one hand. The advantage of the zigi is that it fits into an overhead compartment on an airplane. Even if some airlines don’t allow that, and it pays to check ahead of time, that is a great advantage if you’re traveling with an airline that does allow it. It supports up to 38 pounds of weight, so you can travel quite easily with children up to about 4 years old. The canopy is adjustable, too, so the zigi will fit your child for all of toddlerhood.

The styling and construction are so refined yet quirky that the zigi will undoubtedly turn heads. That wonderful construction is also useful when negotiating stairs. If you’re even just a little bit strong, it’ll be somewhat easy to carry the stroller up a flight of stairs with your child still in it. Even if not, the straps are secure enough that you can slowly climb or descend those stairs one at a time. The good-feeling handgrip is firm and not slippery.

Nearly all car trunks and/or hatchbacks will accommodate the zigi, so trips to the store and pediatrician will be just as easy as long rides for family vacations.


Both of these strollers are terrific and well worth the hefty price tags, but we give the slight nod to the zigi for its outstanding styling, easiest-in-the-market foldability, and already-assembled frame.

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