Bringing Luxury to Your Babylist Registry

Bringing Luxury to Your Babylist Registry

baby shower add mima to your babylist registry

Mima Joins the Babylist Registry Family

Expecting Moms Get Ready with a Babylist Registry

Mothers often create a baby registry when they’re expecting because it helps them organize and communicate their needs as they prepare for their new arrival. A registry:

  • Guides Purchases: It ensures that friends and family know exactly what the parents-to-be need, reducing the likelihood of duplicate or unnecessary gifts1.
  • Eases Financial Burden: It can help offset the cost of baby essentials, which can be substantial, especially for big-ticket items like strollers and cribs.
  • Involves Loved Ones: It allows friends and family to participate in the excitement and offers a way for them to contribute to the baby’s care and upbringing.
  • Ensures Safety: Parents can request the latest and safest products that meet current standards, which is particularly important for items like car seats.
  • Offers Convenience: With a registry, all the desired items are in one place, making it easy for the expectant parents to keep track of what they need before the baby arrives.

If you haven’t started your registry yet, Babylist should be a first choice. 

As a leading baby registry platform, Babylist is so much more. The free service offers a user-friendly platform with a universal registry to add items from any store, collaborative group gifting options, and price comparison tools, making it easier for friends and family to contribute to the registry. 

Parents can combine different registries into a single one, manage their baby gift checklist, and even transfer items from other registries. The platform’s ease of use, product variety, and thoughtful features like a completion discount for remaining items make it an attractive choice for modern parents-to-be.

Babylist provides a wealth of content tailored for new and expecting moms. The platform features expert-vetted guides on various topics that support new parents and offers parenting advice. Additionally, they provide checklists and resources to help parents feel more prepared for bringing their baby home. This content is designed to make the right decisions for the family every step of the way, from pregnancy to parenting.

Adding mima products to your Babylist Registry offers unparalleled convenience and style for your journey into parenthood. With Mima’s modern designs, curate a welcoming nursery that reflects your family’s growing needs. Seamless integration allows you to add all your favorite mima items directly to your Babylist Registry.

mima USA add to Babylist RegistryBuild your Babylist Registry with your favorite mima baby gear

Here’s a simple guide on how to add any of mima’s products directly to your Babylist Registry. 

Creating your registry is easier than ever. We’ve teamed up with Babylist to streamline your registry experience. Here’s how to get started in a few easy steps:


Step 1: Create Your Babylist Registry

If you haven’t already, go to and sign up for an account. Follow the prompts to start a new registry.


Step 2: Browse mima’s Collection

Visit to explore the mima collections. Choose the mima products that resonate with your style and needs.. Whether it’s the adaptable moon high chair, the innovative xari stroller, the advanced xari max, or the eco-conscious creo stroller, each product is a testament to mima’s dedication to quality and design. 


add mima to Babylist Registry

Step 3: Add to Your Registry

When you find a mima product you want to add to your registry, click the “Add to Babylist” button. If you’re browsing on and haven’t created your Babylist Registry, you can use the Create Your Babylist button that pops up. 


 Step 4: Share Your Registry

Once you’ve curated your selection of mima products, share your registry with family and friends. They’ll appreciate the ease with which they can select a meaningful gift they know you’ll love. 


Step 5: Review and Manage Your Registry

Keep an eye on your registry to see what’s been purchased and what’s still awaiting a generous giver. Babylist makes it easy to manage your list and send thank-you notes to your loved ones.

By creating your Babylist registry with mima’s best baby gear, you are preparing for your baby’s arrival and making a statement about the kind of mom you want to be—one that values style, innovation, and quality for your family.

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