Meet Mima USA: One Of The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Childcare Brands On The Market

Meet Mima USA: One Of The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Childcare Brands On The Market

Below is our recent interview with Royal Chu, Director of Mima® USA:

Interviewer: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to your products?

Royal Chu: Sure. Mima is known as one of the most aesthetically pleasing childcare brands on the market. We focus on innovative multi-feature design with a modern and fashionable approach.

We approach product design with longer use because we are parents. For example, our moon 2G highchair is a 3-in-1 and really 4-in-1 design. It converts from a newborn lounger to the traditional high-chair, then a booster seat, and the last stage a toddler chair which looks good in any modern-contemporary home.

Our initial xari stroller released over a decade ago was patented with a bassinet placed inside the stroller’s seat unit. It was innovative, unique, with quality design, and very trendy. We use a faux leather fabric in shades that are usually seen in automotive fabrics: camel, black, snow white; and we make bold Special and Limited Editions options for those that are bolder in their fashion statement. I believe the fashion angle really relates to Millennials and the older Gen Z demographic, it turns heads, it’s Instagram-able. Many celebrities over the years have been spotted with their mima xari stroller.

Interviewer: Can you tell us more about your mima xari max stroller?

Royal Chu: Yes, the mima xari max, was released in the US just before the holiday’s last year (2023). And we launched a sleek Black & Gold Special Edition this past quarter.

We combined our trademark leatherette fabric with must-have features parents need from their stroller. The top feature is that it’s car seat compatible with the included car seat adapters to start using the stroller from birth. Parents can also opt for the bassinet accessory if they prefer for their newborns.

Once the baby is old enough for the seat, we’ve made the xari max seat larger and deeper, compared to its predecessor the mima xari. We’ve also removed the bassinet in carrycot design to make the seat lighter. There’s now a magnetic 1-click buckle on the safety harness.

Our seat is designed to be reversible, with 3- recline positions so parents can allow the child to relax in full comfort and with the extended canopy the child also has privacy. Shock-absorbing tires, rear wheel suspension, and lockable swivel front wheels provide an incredibly smooth ride. And a flip-flop friendly brake pedal.

When parents are planning a stroll with their baby, this luxury stroller is exactly what they want. It’s designed for safety, comfort, and adaptability, ensuring both parent and child enjoy the outing.

Interviewer: What is your company mission?

Royal Chu: Our mission at mima is to bring a touch of modern elegance to this world. We do this by creating beautifully designed baby products that are both functional and stylish, making the journey through parenthood as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Interviewer: What can we expect from your company in next 12 months? What are your plans?

Royal Chu: We just announced the launch of the mima creo city stroller in the US this summer. This stroller is ready to become every parent’s go-to companion. The features make use and age stages easier like a larger deeper seat for growing toddlers and a full recline for newborns. We’ve really thought about how to make it user-friendly for new parents.

The mima creo is also environmentally conscious, with a 25% lower carbon footprint compared to other strollers out there. The mima creo is the first in the stroller industry to use a sustainable seat material. And was the 2023 nominee at the international trade fair for baby and toddler, Kind + Jugend, acknowledged in the Moving & Traveling Kids category. In the mima creo we’ve combined style, functionality, and social responsibility in one sleek package. We’ll be unveiling creo in the US at the ABC Kids Expo this May 15th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

You know, beyond the excitement of our upcoming launch, we’re seeing fantastic growth across the Americas. Bringing our products closer to our customers by teaming up with new retailers across the US. We want new parents to have the option to walk into a store and check out our baby gear in person.

Interviewer: What is the best thing about mima that people might not know about?

Royal Chu: Our product development continues to evolve, and we have designs in development, so more on that soon. With the development, we hear our parent community; we are parents ourselves and understand the parenting journey and want to make it a bit easier with each product designed.

We have focused on four things: quality, innovation, design and modern elegance since 2009 and have spread to over 36 countries. The Founders of mima®, Davy Kho and Yolanda Pablo wanted to enhance and simplify the lives of new parents, as parents themselves. They used their respective backgrounds in product design and fashion design to create stylish and innovative childcare products. You see that reflected in each mima product—the smooth angles, adjustable features, easy to clean, neutral color palettes with interchangeable colorful accessories to choose your personal style.

That’s our entire goal, to make the parenting journey a bit easier—and add some style. We are the cool parents.

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